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Specification:What is a Coconut Kopyor?
Kopyor is a genetic disorder in coconuts. Characteristic of this disorder is the " meat " of the soft or detached from shell, coconut water amount slightly, and the aroma is distinctly different from the usual coconut meat. This trait is the result of spontaneous mutation at the Mayang that is local ( commonly known in botany as a chimera) . Changes of this nature can occur at the time after conception or even earlier. Kopyor coconuts can be identified by shaking the fruit to the left and right, and it will sound like coconuts are not filled with water but filled with sand. Kopyor fruit is preferred because it is refreshing when served as a beverage. Other uses are there as a cake, pastries and cakes either wet. Also very high economic value. When compared with regular oil, oil prices Kopyor can reach four to five times. With tissue culture techniques can make a person capable of producing coconut coconuts Kopyor 70-90% .

Folklore ...
In some areas of Java, people do not eat meat because of the coconut fruit is considered Kopyor leftovers months. According to the traditional public trust, when there was a lunar eclipse, the moon down to earth and eat coconuts. The rest had eaten coconuts into coconut Kopyor month. To prevent the moon do not eat more victims, kentongan beat, drum and other objects in order to scare the month in order to leave the earth.

Figure A = Fill in the ordinary coconut
Figure B = Fill in the palm Kopyor

Minimum order 30 items we can inter-localized, only for the JABODETABEK

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